Uncovering The Biggest Sports Betting Myths

Some of the biggest roadblocks to legitimate sports betting derive from certain myths. Words like “rigged” or “fixed” come to mind.

In the 1900s, bettors placed their wagers with bookies. There was no regulatory framework for sportsbooks across America.

Regulation led to the opening of the first modern sportsbook. By 2021, online gambling and betting worldwide totaled $61.5 billion.

Are sports games rigged for betting?

Let’s find out. 

What is the Trick to Sports Betting?

The only trick to sports betting is to understand the game. For example, if you know almost nothing about a sport—you might get lucky betting on it. But that’s not a workable strategy in the long term.

Professional sports bettors rely on knowledge, experience, and intuition. To become a decent gambler, you’ll have to accept almost as many losses as wins.

For example, winning anywhere between 53-55% of your wagers is how sports gamblers turn pro. Are sports betting a skill or luck?

Here are some common sports betting myths to help you decide. 

Sports Betting Isn’t Profitable

When people suggest that sports betting isn’t profitable, they mean for them, it isn’t. Professional gamblers win around 55% of their wagers. That means to turn a profit, you’ll have to win some underdog bets.

To sustain that throughout an entire season takes skill and dedication. 

Bookies Always Win

Another common myth among the uninitiated—the bookie always wins. In casinos, a slot machine is set up for the house to earn a certain percentage of wagers. It’s a business, so paying out more than they take in isn’t sustainable.

With sports betting, sportsbooks deliver odds that balance each side of every wager. It’s not easy to always pick the right bet. Therein lies the fun! 

Betting on Sports Isn’t Safe

It’s safer than ever before to bet on sports, especially online. Make sure you use a gambling site with proper licensing. Each company shows its license on its website.

For added security, try online betting with no SSN

You Need to Be Lucky to Win

Luck has nothing to do with sports betting. You’re gambling on the outcome of a sports game. Odds get calculated by previous events throughout a team’s history.

To win, you only need to make a bet. For long-term winning potential, you need to be more competent than lucky. 

Sportsbooks Use Inside Information

If licensed sportsbooks somehow cheated their customers, they’d go out of business. Sportsbooks use a variety of methods to create their lines. They may consult Las Vegas, along with high roller sports bettors.

If one side of a bet starts taking a lot of action, the book moves the line. Use more than one sportsbook to find the most favorable odds for your picks. 

The Public is Always Wrong

To “fade” the public is a sports betting strategy. It means you bet against the crowd. You’ll find that this strategy might be helpful at times, but it’s not always correct. 

Anything can happen in a sports game. So, it often helps to bet with the public, too. 

You’re Due for a Win

Players who lose a lot might think they’re due for a big win. Or they’ll catch a winning streak. That’s not always the case. 

It may help to switch up your betting strategies, but no one is ever “due” for a win. 

Only Sports Experts Make Money by Betting

Among the most common sports betting myths—only an expert makes money. The truth is anybody can win at sports betting. Even the “experts” get it wrong sometimes.

You might even find yourself getting it right while most people lose their bets. 

Props or Futures Aren’t Worthwhile

A massive trend in sports betting today is live betting. Most of these bets come from different props. You can wager on yards, goals, home runs, etc. 

Futures might reach up to four or five digits before a game starts. You may find your best bets from props or futures. 

If You Win Too Much, You’ll Get Suspended

Players who win a lot may lose access to their accounts. In reality, only customers who violate the terms of service get suspended.

Sportsbooks want repeat customers. So, if somebody wins, that means they’ll keep betting—which is good for business. 

What’s the Most Profitable Sport to Bet On?

Sportsbooks take on new clients as the sports betting industry continues to grow. There are many different promotions and bonuses to encourage first-time depositors.

An intelligent gambler takes advantage of this environment. Learn about placing bets at different sportsbooks to get the best possible odds.

For the most profitable sport, that’s up to the bettor. It would help if you went with what you know.

Always remember that sports betting is a form of entertainment. 

Don’t forget to have fun!

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