The most innovative gadgets of the outgoing year

Keeping up with technological development is not easy. But still, some innovations can already be integrated into your life. In this article, we will tell you the loudest technical innovations that went on sale in 2022. By the way, if you want to earn money quickly to buy one of the new products, try online live casino.

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

The top gadgets of 2022 are led by an unusual portable projector from Samsung, which allows you to display an image on any surface – wall, floor or ceiling. Unlike conventional rectangular projectors, the model is made in a cylindrical body that rotates up to 180 degrees.

The Freestyle is a portable projector, so it only weighs 830 grams. It is easy to carry from room to room or even take it to the country house to broadcast an image with a diagonal of up to 100 inches directly from your phone or computer. Thanks to autofocus, the device automatically adjusts the picture for any surface and at any angle.

In addition, if you don’t watch movies that often, you can use Samsung The Freestyle as an audio system – the gadget is equipped with a dual passive radiator that provides clear and deep bass without distortion and 360-degree sound. In speaker mode, it can also project visuals to the beat of the music.

TCL NXTWEAR G personal screen glasses

Unusual gadgets in 2022 are disguised as everyday items. For example, these sunglasses hide a pair of 1080p microLED screens. They create the illusion that you are watching a movie on a 140-inch screen. And on the temples are stereo speakers and enhance the viewing experience, providing a live sound.

The TCL NXTWEAR G glasses weigh only 100 grams, making them easy to take on long trips. Connect the glasses to your phone or laptop with a USB Type-C cable and watch movies on the train, plane or hotel.

Tangem Wallet

The best gadgets of 2022 not only entertain, but also take care of the safety of virtual money. Tangem Wallet is a multi-currency hardware wallet that supports over 1000 cryptocurrencies and tokens. It is a set of two or three bank cards. One becomes the main one, and the second and third can be put in a safe or cell.

To access the wallet, you will need to apply the card each time and enter the password. You will also need a card to buy and send tokens. It may not sound so convenient, but it is definitely safe and reliable. Without a physical card and password, it will be impossible to access your funds.

Smart ring Oura Ring 3

New gadgets in 2022 have been replenished with smart devices that track activity. But this is not about smartwatches, but about the Oura Ring 3. Many believe that they are the future, because the finger is an ideal source of accurate data on heart rate and body temperature.

The main difference between the ring and smart watches is the lack of a display. The ring does not distract, does not show notifications, does not motivate to move or breathe. The gadget discreetly reads the heart rate, body temperature and breathing, as well as the level of oxygen in the blood and displays them in the application, carefully adjusting to your lifestyle. The Oura ring tracks health, fitness and sleep, and also, by analyzing the data, shows what form the user is in now and whether his body is ready for stress.

Suitcase Plevo Infinite

The Plevo Infinite suitcase, like other gadgets of 2022, makes our life easier. It will become an ideal companion on any trip: it will charge your phone and laptop on the road, warn you about overweight luggage, securely close your things inside – you can only open the lock using Face ID through a special application on your smartphone, Touch ID, with the keys that are included in the package, or Morse code – in the case when there is no access to the phone or you need another person to open the suitcase.

In addition, the suitcase will never get lost – it can be configured to send notifications when the distance between you and the luggage becomes more than 20 meters, as well as when another person tries to open the suitcase.